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Skills Evaluation and Testing System

Sometimes businesses are disappointed in the ability of employment agency applicants to perform to the levels of their permanent staff. Often this is due to the specific knowledge needed by a worker to maximize productivity within specialized areas.

Action Personnel understands your needs, and our mission is to send only proven performers to you. With our investment in the latest technology, we can customize our SKILLS EVALUATION SYSTEM to your exact needs; proving that our people can do your job. With our skills and experience in the temporary employment industry, we select from these qualified people to deliver the best person who will do your exact job.
Not all word processing operators are created equal. The ability to utilize the exact functions you need within a specific software package is critical to the successful performance of your employees temporary or permanent. Working with you, we screen candidates specifically to the standards you need. With this knowledge and ability we will never send an under skilled applicant to you ENSURING YOU TOP PERFORMANCE nor will we ever send an over skilled applicant to you ENSURING YOU A COST SAVINGS. Through Action Personnel’s investment in technology and our experience and skill in the employment industry, we are able to deliver that “special person” who can and will do your job. We can fill your employment needs by delivering quality and consistency. “Give us the opportunity to prove it and watch us perform!”
Action Personnel’s testing & training is an advanced and comprehensive, validated PC computer based system for evaluation and enhancing the skills of today’s high skilled office workers. Action Personnel is the area’s innovative leader in setting the standards for Skills Testing and Training.
Company / Industry Specific Needs

Action Personnel has developed custom evaluation tools that prove our candidates know your work, your language and your industry. This allows us to evaluate applicants’ performance insuring satisfactory performance standards. Your permanent staff can even take these tests, thereby setting the standard for our temporary workers. These tools include:
Custom Letter Layout
Custom Speed Typing
Custom Spelling
Industry Specific
Office Automation
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